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Located in Costa Mesa, Onotria is a purveyor of traditional farm-to-table Italian cuisine.

The name "Land of Vines" was given to the South of Italy upon its discovery by the Greeks, for its great expanse of vines across its rich & fertile country sides to seaside cliffs along the coast.

Master Chef Massimo Navarretta was raised farming & making wine at its heart, the region of Campania. At "Onotria," savor the gastronomy & oenology of wine producing regions of the world.

True to a farmer's spirit, all our food products are 100% natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, & of the highest quality of organic & biodynamic seasonal offerings.

From the Chef -

Over the many years of traveling, dining, drinking & laughing, I've made many friends throughout the wine world. It is my pleasure to share with aficionados & novices alike, wines that are unique in style, representative of terroir & varietals, and create magical experiences in food & wine pairings. Dishes can serve as tasters for the table or as main courses. Have fun with it, and above all, eat & drink what you love. Wine Country Cuisine is neither fad, nor fashion, but a lifestyle.


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